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Event Manager is a Unity add-on tool that helps you ensure communication between the elements on your game logic.

Using the infamous Publish/Subscribe pattern, the tool provides ways so simple and easy to Trigger, Subscribe and Unsubscribe to events, that only one line of code is required for each.

However, we know the importance of fast development and that's why it also includes solutions that do not require coding. At all.

Key Features

  • Easy view of all your configured Events.

  • Send parameters of type bool, int, float, string, Vector2, Vector3, GameObject and Custom (any other type, even self-made script types).

  • Open source scripts.

  • Frequent version updates including bugfixes, performance improvements and new features.

  • Youtube tutorials.

  • Online and Offline documentation.

  • Great performance: we use Time Slicing to ensure your game never suffers from FPS drops

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Kenneth Azcurra


I'm a Game Developer & Gameplay programmer, deeply passionate about crafting video-games and innovative editor extensions.

After 5 years of coding for a software company as I majored in Video-Game Programming, I started to work as an Indie Developer, with the dream to be able to work on my own with no strings to pull me out of my passion.

I strive to make the best quality Editor Extensions in the market, with your help. My tools get very frequent updates as I get feedback from you and fix bugs, improve the UI/UX and adding breakthrough features.

But my work doesn't end there as I'm also the current Lead Programmer and UI/UX Designer of our own team's studio: Ape Republic Studios, where we have the same dream, to share the art of quality crafted video-games.